You Are Good Enough!!!


It is human to make mistakes yet women are often unforgiving of themselves if they don’t succeed.

Here are some ways to give yourself a break and allow yourself to make mistakes and not overextend yourself.

1.  Don’t judge yourself more harshly than you would judge others.

  • If you feel like a failure because no one wants to eat your specially prepared tuna casserole, don’t judge yourself.  Blame it on the recipe or their tastes.  Or better yet, let them cook – you wouldn’t judge their efforts harshly.

2.  Don’t be afraid to say no when you are asked to take on projects when you are too busy to handle them.

  • Some women fall into the trap of trying to please everyone when they are already spread too thin.  Once people see you as a “yes, I’ll do it” person, you may find you are always in quicksand.  Be honest when you can’t.  Stand Firm.

3.  Accept yourself how you are.

  • Stop trying to be the “perfect” weight or have the “ideal” look.  Healthy eating and exercise make sense as does   enjoying finding your favorite styles.  Many women become obsessed with losing weight and think looking a certain way will make them happy.  Accepting yourself how you are is the first step towards happiness.

4.  Don’t think it’s your fault if your boss yells at you or if someone doesn’t like you.

  • Women are often quick to blame themselves and take other people’s criticism personally whereas men blame others or the situation.  Your boss or someone else may be unfair or be taking things out on you because of problems in their own life.  Not everyone is going to like you and that’s fine.

5.  Be proud of your accomplishments even if others don’t acknowledge them.

  • Women’s efforts are often overlooked.  Stay-at-home moms raise children, support their partners, clean and support programs at the schools and after-school yet their contribution is often seen as minimal.  Women work in a wage earning job and often still take on the full responsibilities of raising their children.  We can begin by being proud of ourselves and then ask others to be proud or offer their assistance.

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