Thank you FACEBOOK for my insecurity

I find many women in my practice constantly compare themselves to others, judge themselves in a negative light or expect themselves to be perfect.  Do you find yourself saying things like: Is there something wrong with me? Do I act weird, stupid, or say the wrong things? Why don’t I have a partner? Am I too fat or thin, my breasts are too big, small or saggy, etc..?

It’s almost impossible to feel comfortable with yourself (body and soul) when you analyze every aspect of how you live your life and focus on the negative voices that stem from these comparisons and expectations and leave you feeling worthless and low.  Some of this comes from comparing ourselves to what people put on social media when we don’t know their reality.

The reason we struggle with INSECURITY 

is because we compare our behind the scenes to everyone else’s 

Highlight Reel.  

Steven Furlick 

The first step is being mindful of these thoughts and recognizing that you want to stop comparing yourself in these moments and focus more on your positive accomplishments and traits as well as things to be grateful for.

Stop comparing yourself to other people; you are an original.  We are all different and it’s okay.  

Joyce Meyer 


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