What if your resume…??

You may be thinking of that dreaded traditional resume you create detailing your past jobs in which you try to make jobs like sales clerk sound like you were managing the store. The employer may pick your resume from a pile or hear about you from a friend.  What comes next is what they find when they type your name in Google- your real resume.

Ever try this yourself? It can be amazing what you’ll find.  Remember that New Year’s Eve party at Amy’s two years ago?  Those drunken photos you have are still on Facebook.  Luckily, there are websites such as www.steves.digicam.com that give instructions on how to delete incriminating photos or albums.  Remember that you cannot delete other people’s photos of you (you could ask a friend to do so).  Otherwise your best bet is to “untag” these photos so when someone searches for you it will be more difficult to find you. You might want to remove that youtube video of you and your friends with spoons on your noses as well.  (http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en-GB&answer=55770)

If there are other things in your background you aren’t proud of that can’t be removed, be prepared to explain to your potential employer that they aren’t representative of who you really are.   If you notice that there are good things in your “self googling” that you are particularly proud of and want to share, then highlight them and be prepared to emphasize them in the interview.

Congratulations- now that you’ve cleaned up a bit, you can breathe easier but remember from this day forward, remember Big Brother is watching.

What will your “two steps forward” be?

I was starting to panic as I approached my 30th birthday. Unhappy with my job, unhappy in love, and feeling disconnected from others.  I would walk around New York City by myself and frequently pass the tiny storefront of a dive bar in Chelsea called the B.M.W. (Beer, Music and Wine) bar.  I was intrigued by the musicians playing on the stage and wanted to go in and listen, but I would have to pass by the stage and people would stare.

One Sunday, courage and curiosity won out and I boldly took my two steps forward into that bar.  They were having an open mike with guitarists blasting out their two original songs as if it were The Bowery Ballroom.  I hadn’t played my guitar in about seven years and never in front of an audience.  I was asked if I wanted to try to write my own song and perform it next Sunday.  I didn’t know if I could do but I couldn’t wait to go home, dust off my guitar and try.

I did it and it flowed from there.   There, I meet the man who was the recording engineer on my CD, which is called “Two Steps Forward”, based on a song I wrote about moving on from your past.  He is now my husband.  I am now at peace with my career choice, and my relationships.

I often think about what my life would be like if I didn’t step in that bar on that day.  Step outside your comfort zone and see what happens.